Looking to start training again

Hey my name is steve, i used to train about 18 months ago untill i started having problems with my knee. The docters believe it will sort itself out over time but in my opinion it has gotten worse. If it fucks up again they will operate on it. Ive kept an interest in MMA the whole time reading about recent events and checking this message board and a few others on a regular basis.

I was wondering if any1 from Heske Fightclub can give me session details and prices for both group and privates.

thanks in advance


email me at bjj4me@hotmail.com with your details and will get Habs to contact you..


If you get a phone call in the middle of the night and all you can hear is a combination of grunts,garble and heavy breathing-don't panic,its just the way Habby communicates.

Paul I think you are getting confused with Rinaldo ;)