Looks like a few fewer than 90k

Sakuraba vs. Gracie should be awesome

no kidding - that was the opposite of a sales pitch

KOTC 4 was a better organized event.

  1. Ugliest Ring girls ever


  3. Confused security and cameramen

  4. Who decided to not even put any seats in huge areas near the ring? They have gigantic empty spaces right in camera view CREATED INTENTIONALLY!

  5. looked like a quick stoppage to the JZ/Pham fight (THAT THEY DIDN'T FUCKING SHOW!)

  6. Jake Shield = top 15 @ 170. His opponent = not ranking in the top 100 @ 155. Conclusion? Laughable fight.

  7. Herb Dean has lost his marbles completely. He let's guys sit in the clinch doing ZERO for 2 mins at a time in 5 min rounds.

K-1 is fucking bush league SHIT!


I never had any hope in K1 replacing what Pride was to the MMA world. They certainly are a bush league org.

K1 and Inoki are partly responsible for Pride's downfall too. Fuck them.

I really wish Mauro would quit trying to sell me on how big the crowd is. It's embarrassing.

Did JZ win?

"I really wish Mauro would quit trying to sell me on how big the crowd is. It's embarrassing."

I agree with the first half of that sentence...

JZ won via tko in 26 seconds

Lets recap: K-1 gave away 80,000 seats and attempted to sell 10,000 tickets (mostly at ten or twenty bucks each).

So how many people actually showed up?

"JZ won via tko in 26 seconds"

lol, wow.

Up until last night I thought they were having this @ the Staples Center, I just read the colosium can hold 92,000 people..lol. Why would anyone attempt the have a show there..I hope those boys got paid ahead of time.

Seriously, are there less than 10,000 in the stadium or have they dragged in a few more bodies?

how much $$ will this show lose?