Los Angeles Times Article on Showtime

Some interesting quotes and numbers about Showtime


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David Nevins, the network's new entertainment president, said he planned to add more original fare and blend in sports and shows with "cool-guy" testosterone appeal to draw more men and younger viewers to the premium channel.

"The next phase is about being bigger, more expansive, and having more diverse points of view," Nevins said. "We sort of played out a certain kind of character in an extremist, suburban situation. It's time for the next new thing."


The Showtime formula has helped it add viewers while rivals lost them. The network has nearly 19 million subscribers, an increase of 37% over the last five years. That's quite a feat during a recession, when strapped consumers have been cutting back and while its chief competition, HBO and sister channel Cinemax, lost about 1.5 million subscribers last year.


Showtime, which at first seemed an odd fit within its corporate parent, is now a major source of profit.

CBS' Showtime Networks, with includes Showtime, TMC and Flix, should generate more than $1.4 billion in revenue in 2011, according to Kagan. The firm estimated that the channels this year would haul in more than $530 million in operating income.

What I find interesting is the difference between the start of last year to this year

Last year, Strikeforce had 4 shows through April, 2 main cards and 2 challengers shows

This through April they will have at least 6 shows, 4 main cards and 2 Challengers, thats a big difference


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