losing my instinct

it seems that i am losing my instinct. first let me say that i have only been training for a few months. In the beginning it seemed that as soon as i had an opurtunity for a submission i would go for it. But now it seems im having trouble pulling the trigger i don't know if it's because i don't wanna lose the postion or what, but i wait till its to late it seems. Has anyone else experienced this or has any words of advice or thoughts i would like to hear them.

Have you been training constantly with no time off? I've been able to train BJJ pretty regularly lately and also work out (cardio/ weights) which has really improved my game. However, I'll notice that some days I am really off- I lose position easily; don't flow as well; and am about a 1/2 speed slower than anyone I'm rolling with. I attribute it to over training and then take a week off. I'll do light workouts but avoid BJJ. When I come back everything is better, and I'm back to full speed.


If you've only been training a few months then you didn't have instinct. You probably had a lack of understanding which made you dive for poor submissions which possibly would have worked against the weaker opponents.

However, after several months of training you are beginning to learn the necessary pre-requisites for proper submission attempts that work on skilled opponents with resistance. During this period you will probably notice your "results" getting worse in the sense of how many people you're tapping... but there is a good chance that you are less likely to be positionally dominated and that possibly guys who used to tap YOU before at will may be having a more difficult time.

That's just a theory based on the experience of watching many students and beginners progress, and it may not be your case (but it could be).

Regardless - This is most definitely an art for the long haul and there are periods when your game goes through a necessary adjustment before it begins climbing to another level and these moments of self-doubt are natural all the way through to black belt. As long as you focus on the principles and fundamentals of jiu jitsu and being dilligent in your training you should be fine.

I hate to say this but the only good thing about Robert Bentley's post was the end portion:

"As long as you focus on the principles and fundamentals of jiu jitsu and being dilligent in your training you should be fine."

Honestly, you have to view Bjj like any other physical activity, sport, or skilled endeavor. If you make it complicated it will be complicated. But if you keep a realistic view of it then you'll have a much easier stress free time growing in the artform.

I think the answer to your question is pretty obvious and natural. As you progress so do your opponents, assuming they practice diligently. As your opponents progress they present less openings for you. You simply have to adjust and create/finding openings. You'll NATURALLY do this when you get better and continue to grow in the activity. BUT it is all apart of the natural process and progression. As your opponent gets better you MUST get better in order to stay with them. And as you get better, likewise, your opponets MUST get better in order to stay with you. Iron sharpens Iron. But the key is to continue diligently, persistantly and consistently practicing and you'll find yourself NATURALLY growing and developing.

Another thing that might be happening is that you are learning more subs and more set ups so you get a little bit info overload.

At the begining, you know say the armbar, a basic choke and the americana. Depending on your position you will be going for one of these. As time goes on, you learn more options, so find it harder to know which to go for. With time, you will kind of set mental triggers so that in a given position you automatically react with a certain technique.

Don't stress, keep training, we all go through patches of self doubt.

you suck just quit i mean like 90% of people quit anyway

Hell no im not quiting im in this for the long run im absolutly in love with this art and am even considering yoga to improve my breathing, flexibility ,mental strength etc....
I think my problem is that with my limited experience iv'e really worked harder on my top game then my bottom and when im on top and have the opputunity for a sub i don't wanna lose position and end up on the bottom so i wait to long and end up losing position anyways. so maybe if i try the submission as soon as i see it without wasting time and work work work my bottom game? make any sense?

It sounds like...

1) you see the risk of losing position when you attack, though perhaps you had not seen this in the past.

2) you are now more worried about being on the bottom than you had been in the past.

Sounds like two things to focus on:

A) Bottom game, bottom game, bottom game!!!!!!!! That's what everyone should work on for the first 5 years!

B) Submission control positions.