Lou Neglia's Ring of Combat = 38 UFC Fighters

 On June 11th, Lou Neglia's Ring of Combat is back for it's 30th show.  Like always, it's at the Trop in AC.  38 UFC fighters got their start at the ROC, including champions Matt Serra and Frankie Edgar.  Not to mention Dany Miller, who's fighting Michael Bisping tonight.

Just wanted to give Lou a shout out for supporting the sport in such a big way.  I'm going to be down with the broadcast team and will do the UG sign, lol.

I think there's only a hundred tickets left for the show, so check out Lou's website.  Very rare for any tickets to be available day of show.  Lou Negia's Ring of Combat

 btw, who is going to the ROC in June?

ROC always puts on a great show.

 You gonna be there, tj?  Medrano fights for the title!

Medrano is in fact fighting for the title!

I am probably going, but not 100% yet.

 Sick card, as usual.   Can't wait for this. 

I was thinking about going

Gabkicks - I was thinking about going

 I put you down for a ticket. See you at the show!

btw, on June 6 Lou is putting on an ammy show that features Iron Mike Fischetti vs. Crazy Eddie Lenoci.  That fight is about the best ammy fight in the world right know.  Both undefeated, both beastly.

I'll be there.


Crazy Eddie from Serra's?

 That's him. You ever roll with him?

Yeah, of course.

 Him and Fischetti is going to be off the hook. 

ROC is always fun.

fabes - ROC is always fun.

 The ROC's card are consistently amazing.  Guys go from there to the UFC and vice versa.

I'll be at the June 11th show.

 Nice.  Every show is a sell out. The energy at Lou's shows is off the meter.

Is this the same person that did the old Vanderbilt shows too?

 It is indeed.  He also puts on kickboxing cards in NYC.