Love and hate from "Popo's" fans

I got a lot of emails regarding this one, first from Popo supporters and then from people making fun of them in the mailbag where their comments were posted.

Good article IMO. I think Popo has gone backwards as a fighter. He boxed extremely well vs casamayor early and got tired and faded badly late. Since then, he seems to be poorly balanced at times and just not fine tuned. Oscar Suarez is no trainer IMO and Freitas obviously has no intentions of fighting top guys. I would pick casamayor over him in a rematch at 130 or 135. I would alos pick Chico and castillo over him. I predict he never fights any of the 3.

yeah, suarez trained Hamed after he left his original trainer (English guy, can't remember his name).

Hamed was all mixed up then, too..though he might've been due a loss eventually.

Popo's feet kept getting crossed up as he tried to run around Grigorian. A decent punch could've knocked him off balance on numerous such occassions. However, Grigorian was so slow that he couldn't take advantage.

jaseprobst it is funny how much Freitas looks like hamed at times in the ring. They seem to struggle with the same mechanics at times although I think Freitas is much more talented. I say it again, but Freitas looked like an elite boxer to me early in the casamayor fight. He dictated the pace, controlled him with his jab but then faded and held on for dear life. I thought freitas won the boxing match but casamayor probably won the fight. Since then, Freitas has been dragged around by his balls by his wife, fought as delicate an opposition as he possibly could have and has IMO deteriotaed as a fighter.

IWAN, I agree with you somewhat on this one. Freitas is the main meal ticket for his promoter and had a deal with Showtime, so naturally Banner Promotions gave him a string of easy fights following his narrow win over Casamayor. For the Casamayor fight, Freitas was trained by Suarez as well. So if you are going to knock Suarez for Freitas's performances since then, you have to give him props for the job he did with him for Casamayor. IMO Freitas is not as focused as he should be due to the marital problems, celebrity status, etc. A boxer can have the best coach in the world, but if he is not listening to him than his performance will suffer.

Lousy article, poorly written and full of misinformation. Garbage.

Probst the guy you are thiunking about is Brendan Ingle. Rogie you are right but wasn't that the first fight or so with Suarez? Maybe still a co trainer at the time?

I think Freitas is a solid guy but his paln seems to lack courage.

Look at the records of the fighters that PopĆ³ has defeated. Many of them were undefeated before meting him.

Date Opponent Location Result

8/9/2003 Jorge Rodrigo Barrios 39-1-1 Miami Arena, Miami, FL, USA W TKO 12

3/15/2003 Juan Carlos Ramirez 29-4-0 UIC Pavilion, Chicago, IL, USA W TKO 4

8/3/2002 Daniel Attah 20-0-1 Dodge Theater, Phoenix, AZ, USA W UD 12

1/12/2002 Joel Casamayor 26-0-0 Cox Pavilion, Las Vegas, NV, USA
W UD 12

9/29/2001 Alfred Kotey 24-7-1 Miccosukee Resort, Miami, FL, USA W UD 10

1/27/2001 Orlando Soto 30-6-0 Brasilia, Brazil W KO 1

12/16/2000 Daniel Alicea 24-3-1 Sheffield Arena, Sheffield, England W TKO 12

9/23/2000 Carlos Alberto Ramon Rios 49-4-2 Casino Rama, ON, Canada W TKO 9

6/10/2000 Lemuel Nelson 19-2-0 Fox Theater, Detroit, MI, USA W TKO 2

3/18/2000 Javier Jauregui 41-8-1 Sao Paulo, Brazil W KO 1

1/15/2000 Barry Jones 18-0-1 Doncaster, England W TKO 8

12/18/1999 Claudio Victor Martinet 59-10-2 Salvador de Bahia, Brazil W KO 3

10/26/1999 Anthony Martinez 12-1-2 Stadio Fonte Nova, Salvador, Brazil

8/7/1999 Anatoly Alexandrov 35-3-0 La Palestre, Le Cannet, France W KO 1

4/2/1999 Juan Angel Macias 24-9-1 Grand Hotel, Tijuana, Baja, CA, USA

12/19/1998 Peter Buckley 25-92-6 Liverpool, England W TKO 4

10/16/1998 Jose Luis Montes 10-25-0 Teatro Mutualista, Tijuana, Mexico W TKO 1

9/15/1998 Francisco Tomas Da Cruz 48-18-0 Sao Paulo, Brazil W TKO 2

8/14/1998 Juan Gutierrez 0-7-0 Mexicali, Mexico W TKO 1

6/8/1998 Rafael Olvera 13-4-0 Arrowhead Pond, Anaheim, CA, USA W KO 3

5/29/1998 Rildo Oliveira 11-2-1 Salvador de Bahia, Brazil W TKO 1

11/19/1997 Gustavo Saayavedra 7-16-6 Salvador, Brazil W KO 1

9/2/1997 Edwin Vazquez 16-4-0 Belle Casino, Baton Rouge, LA, USA W TKO 7

6/27/1997 Hilario Guzman 15-11-2 Mahi Temple, Miami, FL, USA W TKO 8

5/10/1997 John Montantes 28-2-0 San Jose, Costa Rica W TKO 1

4/22/1997 Arcelio Diaz 33-11-1 Salvador de Bahia, Brazil W TKO 1

3/18/1997 Antonio Maria Do Nascimento 0-0-0 Salvador de Bahia, Brazil W KO 2

2/1/1997 Hamilton Cerqueira 0-0-0 Salvador de Bahia, Brazil W KO 4

8/16/1996 Gutemberg Ferreira 0-1-0 Salvador de Bahia, Brazil W TKO 2

4/2/1996 Ralph Riveros 0-1-0 Salvador de Bahia, Brazil W KO 2

11/14/1995 Marco de Lima 0-3-0 Salvador de Bahia, Brazil W TKO 3

9/18/1995 Manoel Da Cruz 2-6-1 Salvador, Brazil W KO 2

8/14/1995 Valdevino Dos Santos 0-0-0 Salvador de Bahia, Brazil W KO 1

7/14/1995 Jose Soares 0-0-0 Salvador de Bahia, Brazil W KO 1


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