Lowest selling PPV of the post-TUF era?

Whatever it is, I'm willing to bet Silva/Franklin II is gonna do lower than it.

No one I know who follows MMA even knows about it! The 7 or so people I talk to regulaly regarding MMA all thought Silva/Sonnen II was the next PPV!!

Don't get me wrong, I'm still gonna watch it somewhere, but the fact that it's not name heavy and a glorified TUF Finale makes it very disinteresting to a MAJORITY of UFC fans, both casual and even hardcore.

I wanted to see Serafian, even he is hurt now

How are the fans supposed to be interested in a PPV which features a finale for a season of TUF that wasn't even broadcasted to them!?

I didn't even know Silva/Franklin 2 was before Silva/Sonnen 2 until a couple of weeks ago... It seems like they started promoting Silva/Sonnen before Silva/Franklin. Phone Post

Since when has the UFC started charging for TUF finale? The fact this is a PPV is a slap in the face. Phone Post

I could see it getting sub 200. A shame ... Phone Post

I won't be purchasing, like usual. Phone Post

The only UFC I missed that I can remember was silva vs letis and that was because I was in the hospital. Now I have 2 of my fav fighters fighting (Franklin and wand) in a fight that will be a war, and I can actually see myself deciding not to watch this event..,. Watching a tuf finale is amaxing, when you watched the season and built an attachment to the fighters in Amy which way, but paying to see them have the contract given to a guy (potentially) who lost in the semis, plus I habit been able to see a single episode? Makes no sense.

War guida! Phone Post

I would of bought this PPV if it was 5 years ago

I have bought prob the last 8-10 ppv's in a row, and will be stopping with this one. Not complaining, just not fucking watching, like Dana recommends.

GSP24 - UFC 53 had less than 100k buys. Phone Post
Yeah that's probably what this ones gonna do. Phone Post

2/3 of its stars are out

i will be the buying the next GSP and Silva UFC PPV

 Agreed with the general concensus here on this thread.  The card will approach record low numbers and it's not one I will watch.  I'll catch up here when I get home Saturday night and see what happened with the main card.  I'll be most curious to see what the buy rate is.  

 Some lowest selling UFC Cards Are

UFC 42 - 35K
UFC 50 did - 40K
UFC 51 2 months before the 1st TUF  did - 105K
UFC 53 - 90K

Lol I thought you meant a silva vs Franklin 2 I was going to give you a screen shot of those results! Ahh epic fail -.- Phone Post

Most of the time when there's a lot of "internet backlash" of some sort, i.e. rematches, #1 contenders, TV deals etc., a reporter such as Ariel Helwani will usually hit Dana White with a solid question regarding their reasoning or ask for an explanation as to why things are the way the are (hope I explained that well enough lol).

I'd be VERY interested to hear Dana's reasoning for making this a PPV in the first place. Even with the original headliner being Wand/Vitor, the rest of the card STILL lacked any sort of name recognition of drawing power.

Especially considering it's an international TUF that a very small minority of the UFC's actual fan base followed.

I can name more people who are more interested in obtaining the dark ages DVD's he promised us then are actually following or followed the TUF Brazil series!!!!


Will do a huge tv number in Brazil, but I will be shocked if it does 200,000 in North America.

All I can say is STREAM Phone Post

RKing85 - Will do a huge tv number in Brazil, but I will be shocked if it does 200,000 in North America.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't UFC PPV's shown on a basic cable channel like ESPN or such over in Brazil???