Ludwig living with Dillashaw for Barao camp (vid)

Nice that's what every fighter looks for, that one guy you can trust that has his best interested of you. Phone Post 3.0

Wonder how Faber feels about all this.. Phone Post 3.0

These two really have a good thing going.

damn..dilishaw and his wife must be out of their minds to allow duane to live with them...huh uriah?

Maybe we will see faber vs dillishaw eventually... Phone Post 3.0

CRE - 

Nice to see Rogan get behind this guys with some coin/Onnit sponsorship.

As much as I dislike Anik as a commentator, I like him as much as a studio guy, very pro.


This absolutely.  It's his best role for sure.

What is the real story behind Bang leaving Alpha Male?

TJ and Bang seem to have a genuine relationship hopefully they stay together a long time it seems to be working wonders so far.

That's a bromance. Phone Post 3.0

Apparently it's a recipe for success Phone Post 3.0