Luiz Cane drops to middleweight following loss

Still according to the manager, Cane’s debut on the new class, 20 pounds below he was used to fight at Ultimate, will only happen in 2012, because his team want to do some tests to make sure he’s ok on his new division.
“We have to see him fighting on this new division”, tells. “I haven’t thought about the dates, we need to get him tested before. He needs to lose weight, get hydrated and train to see how he’s gonna behave. I want to do this before he drops to the middleweight”.
“He’s behaving like a middleweight. He no longer can eat a lot of meat believing he’ll make it at the weight-in. it’s a sacrifice he’ll have to make. He’ll need to change many things on his life. When we get to the United States we’ll set a date and see how he behaves”, explain.

 lotta good matchups for him at MW. He was lighting homeboy up before the TKO at Rio.

 As if the weight class was really his problem when he repeatedly loses because of not protecting his chin... that being said, he would be a huge 185


"The results show that he can't behave himself at middleweight, he gets cranky when he doesn't get his barbacoa."

 He's an exciting fighter, curious to see what he would be like at middleweight.

Interested to see how he does. If his jitz and wrestling is on par he could def be a contender Phone Post