Luiz Palhares Gi/No seminar 4-28

6th degree black belt Luiz Palhares will be teaching a three hour gi/no gi seminar at My academy in Maryville,TN on Friday APRIL 28th
Cost is 60.00 if pre paid before April 21st 70.00 after
For inf. Contact me at (865)984-3979 or email me at


Aw, I just seen this! Too bad. I'm such a loser

guys I think its supposed to be in April

Great instructor!

"my joke will go from being lame to completely un-understandable"

That's all-allright.

I started to post the correct date and then I realized your post was in humor, not confusion.

ttt for Brad

oops, never post after swimming 20 laps and then riding the bike for 25 mins.........My brain is not on track. I fixed it.

I hope some of you can come down. If you have never trained with Luiz before, your in for a treat. If you have then you know to get your azz to the seminar.

Thanks Guys,
See ya then



Luiz has REALLY helped my game. I have to be at my school the 29th so I'll try and make it Brad


Ok guys see ya later I hope you can make it

Don't ya'll mean Luis????? and not Luiz???



I'm definately coming! Do you have aflyer? Maybe I can bring so,e guys


Yes I do have some, email me your address and I will mail you a bundle when I get back from the Pan Ams.




Brad: Major congrats on your win at the Pan Ams!!!!

Thanks Mike

one week from this friday is the seminar, hope you KBJJ guys can attend Mike. It would be really good for your guys.......