Luke Rockhold starts training camp.....

Rockhold was upset by current UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping, losing the UFC middleweight title after getting knocked out by “The Count” in the first round of their UFC 199 championship fight.

With battling some injuries and trying to get his body healthy, Rockhold said that he just started training camp, likely meaning that he has a fight coming up in the near future.

Rockhold posted an Instagram story of him posted up on the shoreline with a caption that said, “Start of beautiful training camp.”

luke rockhold training montage from ek ek on Vimeo.

The mist must finally have cleared from that brutal KO he suffered at the hands of the Champ. Good to see him back in the saddle.

I'd love to see him vs Moose or Bobby Knuckles...Moose/Knuckles:D

Rockhold vs Mousasi for title shot but does Luke deserve it?

Made of glass 

Well I should hope so. He's only fought twice in the past 2 years.

That said, I'm sure Bisping would live for him to come back soon so he, Mousasi, Romero, Weidman, and that other guy that's on a 7 fight win streak can all knock each other out of contention while he sits around.

holy cow who would be crazy to put a bottle on top of his head for him to kick it out, just mm from getting your face smashed for ever.

I don't care who he fights. I just want to see him bang, bros.

Pretty as a delicate glass vase

1800champagne -

Made of glass 

Nah, AKA just breaks people

Fabes -

I don't care who he fights. I just want to see him bang, bros.

Rematch with Jacare gets rescheduled, perhaps? I like Luke's chances in that fight.

Still spamming that left kick like a 5 year old playing Street Fighter (j/k)

The trilogy match will be great

For CAWK picture.