Luke to Team Franklin??

Just speculation...heres the scenerio...Luke sent to franklin. Luke defeats Jason. Joe smashes sam.Hughes likes sending his tired fighters over and keeping fresh ones.

Who do you think gets sent over??

Also kinda strange in the previews for next week during the heavyweight fight Sam and Joe are standing next to eachother wearin blue and no Luke....But could just be a scene from the Luke anthony fight....ha ha lets get it on..

WOW I DIDNT KNOW JASON WAS ON TEAM FRANKLIN!!(sarcasm)Based on last season team mate will fight team mate....Thats why I say that. Luke vs Joe...The question was who do you think gets sent over??? Not what do you think about my scenerio..Grow up.

i think Matt will send Morgan over. Morgan will beat Jason, cause Jason's busted up, and whoever wins between Luke and Joe could beat the winner between Morgan and Jason anyway

I think he will send Joe because Joe will give jason the a better beating that Luke and if Matt doesn't like Jason as much as everyone thinks he would want to give him one hell of a beating