Lumpinee question

Got some friends going to Thailand, I haven't been back in ages. I know there is a new Lumpinee Stadium, correct? Is it still the place for best Muay Thai in BKK? Also, what night is the good night to go? It used to be Tuesday, as I remember.

I would definitely go to Lumpinee if the opportunity presented itself. They are supposed to be closing it down early 2014. Still kicking myself for not going when I was there. They had fights on Friday night when I was there but I'm sure they do it more than once a week Phone Post 3.0

Maybe they already got rid of the old Lumpinee in early 2013. Haven't seen an update in a while.. But could be wrong on it being 2014 Phone Post 3.0

Sam, just wanted to let you know I loved your books. Your contributions to the sport and it's fans are greatly appreciated.

Please say you will write about MMA again!


PS I greatly recommend any fan of the sport to read A Fighter's Heart by Sam Sheridan. Royce Gracie inspired me to get into BJJ/MMA and Sam Sheridan's writing inspired me to pursue it to the next level.

Maybe they already got rid of the old Lumpinee in early 2013. Haven't seen an update in a while.. But could be wrong on it being 2014 Phone Post 3.0

Still open.

Rajdamnear has good fights as well as omnoi stadium too Phone Post 3.0

All the info is on the website:


The Crown Property Bureau, owner of the land where the old stadium located, has a plan to develop its land
in the Rama IV road to maximize the land’s business potential. Hence, the Bureau has requested
Lumpinee Stadium, who rents the land on a year by year contract, to relocate to a new place.

The Army Chief has approved the Stadium to use the land of the Army Sport Development Center
in the Ramintra area to build a new Lumpinee Stadium. With gorgeous and modern design,
the new stadium will provide the fans of Muay Thai with great experience.

The new stadium will have 3 buildings: the stadium, the office and 5 story-parking buildings.
The stadium will be fully equipped with state of the art technologies and modern supporting
systems including:
- Modern architectures (all buildings are wheelchair accessible)
- The ring is adjustable/removable in order to facilitate the other types of sport activities other than boxing.
- State of the art light and sound systems
- Foods and drinks are available 7 days a week
- Fully air-conditioned
- 5 storey-parking building with 300 parking capacity

Thanks very much guys. I haven't been since 04. elgringo, thanks very much for the kind words, that's awesome man! I appreciate that.

I know there used to be one 'good' night a week, and I wasn't sure if that was still the case. I thought it was Tuesday night. Friday makes more sense but it was all about televised bouts and not conflicting with English Premier League on Sky...

Anyway, thanks for the info.

I was there in August, an absolute experience for sure. They'll try and sell you "farang" tickets at double the cost (assuming you're white, or not tan/Asian enough to be Thai) that included a DVD and an opportunity to take pictures with the fighters afterwards.

Which really, you can walk into the "dressing room" in the back whenever you please on the way to the washroom.

To enhance your visit though, train at Petchyndee academy, which is directly above the stadium through the Twins shop next door. Hands down the best training I did while in Thailand. I had the head trainer while my hubby had a Lumpini champion. English is decent and the hour long session is crisp and the corrections are tailored to you. Again, they may charge you "farang" prices but for 30$ an hour with that calibre of talent I happily paid and will pay again. Phone Post 3.0

Was at Lumpinee a month ago on a Tuesday. Was lucky to have a great card with a title fitght to boot. It's still the best place to see fights but for Farangs the cost is 2000 baht. The new stadium is supposed to open early next year. 


Lumpinee or Rajadamnern are both cool.

Massive fight night at Lumpinee coming up on Tuesday 3rd December with 9 title fights featuring some massive names. Nearly worth a trip to Thailand just for that card.

Love your books Sam!