LUTA LIVRE desaster in germany

i just wanna let you know that a guy named andreas schmidt in germany threatend my trainer to sue him if he maintain using the phrase/ term LUTA LIVRE.

he stated that he patent this term and want to be paid $ 6500 if we use the term LUTA LIVRE for t-shirts, promoting our gym, marketing usw.......

however, LUTA LIVRE is a sport developed in brazil (like scoocer or tennis) and not by him..........btw he is a f******* ass****!!!

it`s a shame what money have done to our sport.......

thanx for your time........

patents refer to inventions. It doesn't seem like the guy knows what he's talking about.

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I like german biscuits.

He sounds like an "m fucker".

No way!

FatBuddha is correct. You don`t patent names, you Trademark them.