Hi, everyone, how are you all doing? Get ready for the holidays? Excited? I hope so.

Well, we just got in our brand new Lutador Americano (American Fighter) knit caps. They are really heavy duty and the embroidery looks awesome! The logo comes in red and blue (American flag) and the name "Lutador Americano" in gold. Im sure you guys will like the caps very much because they are high quality, it's a hundred per cent turbo acrylic (for the cold weather) and Josh (my husband) and I have taken around 6 months to find the right fabric to meet the American standard. You can find our hats under "Specials" or "Clothing - hats". It's a great Christmas gift, by the way.

Thank you guys for your support always. I wish you a wonderful Holiday season and that the next year can bring you great happiness, health, love, success and prosperity. Take care you all,


love the logo! i'll sport that gear with the quickness

happy holidays and best wishes w/your pregnancy

TTT for Luciana!

the website address is

Thank you guys! You are always awesome! I LOVE the logo too! Hehehe... anyway, I wish you guys wonderful holidays and a great, great, great New Year!!!! Take care and thank you for the wishes for my baby! Keep in touch,

Looks good.

Direct link to www.mkimonos.comttt for Luciana