Lutter vs. Marquardt on the ground

I'm home sick today and just rewatched Silva vs. Lutter, the fight everyone points to as proof that Silva's been exposed. I almost feel like Marquardt is the favorite in this fight and that everyone's jumped off the Silva bandwagon.

I've seen this fight a few times and sure, Silva's takedown defense wasn't great, but he represented pretty well on the ground against someone viewed as one of the top BJJ guys in the sport. I know Lutter might've been weakened from the cut, but Silva actually showed some good defense from the bottom, had a reversal, and finally finished the fight from the bottom - and all of this from a stand-up fighter.

Does everyone think he didn't learn anything from that fight and is going to get taken down at will by Marquardt? And how does Nate compare to Lutter on the ground?

I don't think Marquardt has the takedowns or the ground game of Lutter.

I think Marquardt has better takedowns than Lutter -- or at least much better than Lutter showed in the Silva fight.

Marquardt, no doubt. Way too physical.