Lyle Beerbohm called shot at Strikeforce

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                                Lyle Beerbohm called shot at Strikeforce 

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With a nickname like "Fancy Pants," it's fairly easy to conclude that Lyle Beerbohm (10-0) is not your typical fighter.

At Friday night's "Strikeforce Challengers: Villasenor vs. Cyborg," Beerbohm added another chapter to his quickly growing legend, borrowing a page from baseball history.

Reminiscent of Babe Ruth's pointing to centerfield, Beerbohm picked a finishing move before his preliminary card fight began, then went out and did it, choking out Duane Ludwig (18-9) with a schoolyard choke at 4:27 of the first-round.

The move was actually in answer to a challenge by Beerbohm's equally colorful manager, Ken Pavia, issued while the two talked backstage before the fights.

"I was acting cocky backstage, and I told [Pavia] to name the finishing move," Beerbohm told ( following the bout.

Pavia said he originally suggested a head kick, but then settled on the schoolyard choke after Beerbohm declared the original suggestion to vanilla.

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Not schoolyard choke. Its a Beernaked choke or Beerbohm Brabo

Thank god he has been in the game for so little time. He probably didnt realize how dangerous Ludwig is