Lyoto vs Houston?

Why not?

Another excellent fight. Houston against anybody will be an interesting fight. I wonder how much gas he has in his tank though.

houston vs forrest and lyoto vs jardine.

Lyoto's methodical grinding style will test Houston's tank.

I want to see Jardine vs. Houston 2. Forest should fight Lyoto. They were supposed to fight months ago, but Griffin got that staph infection.

Let Houston fight someone who will grab ahold of him.

great idea

Gouveia is great no doubt but I think you're jumping the gun on putting him top 5 already.

I still say Gouveia got ripped off hard in the decision with way Jardine won that fight.

I'd love a.....

Houston VS Lyoto

Now, THAT would be a GREAT fight!

Dana? Are you listening? Houston v Lyoto

Interesting matchup, but I think Lyoto would grind out another decision.

If so, at least we wouldn't have to watch Houston standing over his downed opponent and screaming taunts.

Good fight

Mini Tourney. Lyoto v Houston. Forrest v Jardine 2. Winners fight for title shot.

Lyoto is an interesting matchup for Houston. If it goes the the ground Lyoto has a phenomal base. Plus I would love to see Lyoto's chin tested.

make it happen!

sounds good
to me

I wanna see this. Intriguing.

i was thinking of starting this thread. this would be a great fight. houton always pushes the pace so he'll force lyoto to throw down which lyoto is a more technical striker but if houston lands once of them iron rockets on him that could be it. i would bet on lyoto though.

Lyoto could make Houston look bad and win a boring fight. That would be a huge disservice to an exciting fighter. I say match up Houston with Silva. Wanderlei doesn't have much left anyway and will make Houston look like a star.