i heard LYOTO ran from heath the whole time and at the end stole the fight with a few knees and contorl on top. to bad he made the fight so boring they didnt put it on TV, i have seen all of heaths fights he is a very exciting fighter the fans would like to see if they match him with someone who has some balls to fight not just run and try to do just enough to win

He didn't run from him but he did sit back and counter. Machida was ahead on points the entire fight.

Awful description of the fight - it might not have been an exciting fight, but Lyoto had a great gameplan. He picked Heath apart standing and just stepped out of the way when he came forward with strikes. He did NOT run away from him!

LOL at this thread dogging Lyoto's performance starting with "I heard."

machida is dull at times, but that dude can fight

prettymuch 1 body kick every 20 seconds

and a few knee flurries

1 great g+p sequence

I enjoy watching him, he has great technique. His opponents go through hell even if it goes to a decision.

Great fighter.