I told you guys that BJ would not be able to beat a bigger skilled guy in Lyoto.Props to BJ for fighting him but you guys need to realize that Lyoto is the real deal and not some scrub.

BJandCabbage fan sorry but everyone was giving me shit before this saying I was wrong and what no so I needed to stick it in their faces!!!!!

It's sad how out-of-shape that BJ was in for this fight.

goku are you for real?I had numerous people telling me I didn't have a clue and that BJ was going to dominate and choke out Lyoto.

Whats the difference between a BJ nuthugger and BJJ one?


Lammy thank you for at least helping me out on this one.I knew Lyoto was too much for him and Lyoto is a really skilled great fighter.

Ufcbarbarian, everybody loves a know it all!! LOL

jjd I had to stick it in their faces because the bullsh*t they were spewing about there hero.

I'm calling this as I saw it here:

From what I recall most were picking BJ and there seems to be a whole lot of people saying "well, what did you expect, I mean BJ's only a WW..."

Nuff respect due to Penn but it DOES seem like a lot of people are changing their tune.

Wasa-B is totally correct.

Regardless, you shouldn't get props for moving up in weight and losing. Any fool can do that.

As BJ pointed out...what is martial arts really all about? People of different sizes adapting their skills to be able to fight different opponents in different situations. Yes it's a sport and needs some regulation but I miss seeing top skilled guys of different weight divisions taking each other on. I give BJ props for at least trying to sow some spirit and take some unique fights. I wish we saw more of it these days.

I was hoping he'd win to keep that bullet proof attitude going on but hey, Lyoto obviously has some skills and won a decision. I also think he'll show respect and say he was beaten on the night.

I make no excuses for BJ, he took a tough fight and was beaten. Good stuff for Lyoto.

ufcbarbarian - you made a pick and got it right. Nice work. Shame you now look like as much of a tool as those who were hanging shit on you for making your pick.

Was BJ out of shape or just gained weight to close the distance? I would hope he wouldn`t take a fight with this guy lightly and just come in out of shape.

Good post Musashi

i think Lyoto was supposed to KO Penn?