LytesOut Podcast " Darrick Minner "


Premiers Monday AM

Darrick Minner is a Midwest standout from Nebraska City that fought 50x prior to making his UFC debut.

We track Darrick Minner’s journey through his stint in the UFC which ended when fought Shayilan Nuerdanbieke.

What would seem as just a set back in Minner’s fight career quickly turned into a media firestorm with lots of accusations and beliefs that had the entire world talking about.

NOTHING was censored or asked to be taken out of this interview.

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This one is going to blow peoples minds


Thank You Phooey

This one is actually pretty explosive

Might be our best release of the year


I would suggest people
From this board take a listen to this

IMO it’s the hottest MMA story that reporters refuse to cover


all the guy says is ‘i dont know. my knees better now. im raring to go. my knees better, im ready. i dont know nothing about that.’

This is the biggest scandal that has taken place within the UFC

It’s all fabricated

This guy has never had a single member of law enforcement contact him about this incident… ever

This is a set up in order to separate someone from the UFC… and my belief is that it isn’t the fighter

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It’s on the front page of MMA Mania this morning quoting the Podcast

I thought it was a really interesting episode and story but I think you know more about it still than we do even after listening so hopefully there is a follow up ep or something because there are still a lot of questions to what was really going on behind the scenes and what the motives actually were

I will need to talk to Jeff Molina 1st and then Krause

If my gut is correct… this is a huge scandal and it doesn’t involve betting or the fight.

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Those should be great eps that could fill in some of the gaps in the story.

But I just really want to know what your gut is telling you… on or off the record lol

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Do you remember a quote by Brian Stan?

Something about “undefeated”

That’s not ringing any bells…

I would
Put that question in @crowbar triva thread

You will
Get your answer there for sure

“Being a war veteran is the reason why I’m a successful fighter. Combat is a more complex environment than fighting. Mentally, the reason I win fights is because I can simplify a fight and not overcomplicate it. I don’t walk into that cage full of fear. I’ve been through war already. It makes fighting much, much easier… I’m not scared of getting beat. I’m not scared of getting hurt. I’m not going to lose legs. I’m not going to lose any limbs. I’m not going to have to call one of my guy’s parents and let them know that their son is dead. It’s obviously much easier. That’s why it’s a sport. War is obviously very real. At the end of a fight, the worst thing getting hurt is my pride. Nobody is going to die.”

-Brian Stann

This was a play for Laura Sanko by an administrator in order to get her away from Krause. She has slept her way to the top and Krauss is one of her bodies. She is probably the one to bring up the injury. Jeff Molina did not.