M-1 Mix Fight on CSN/FSN!?!

So I was flipping channels last night around midnight and what do I see on CSN? M-1 Global's Mix Fight!?! Absolutely bizarre.

Production values are horrid and then I realize (because Ben Rothwell is on and had hair and no gut) that they are showing matches from years ago. Indeed, this is what they showed and they are all from the early part of the decade. Nothing says cutting edge like fights from 8 years ago!

What I caught:

-Ibragim Magomedov vs. Ben Rothwell (2002)
-Amar Suloev vs. Julian Gonzales (2002)
-Chalid Arrab vs. Roman Zentsov (2001)
-Musail Allaudinov vs. Yuji Hoshino (2003)