M.Garcia Instructionals and Gi

First off the Marcelo Garcia DVD set was a great investment for me. I've been an arm dragging/ getting the back fool for the past 2 weeks.

Now, I realize this a No-Gi dvd set and all the moves and the overall gameplan works wonderful for no-gi. However, at my BJJ club we wear the pajamas about 60% of the time.

There is an obstacles that I'm hoping someone here can help me with when trying to use a Garcia type game with the gi on.

You are using a sitting guard against a standing opponent. Your ultimate goals are to get your butterfly hooks and underhooks in order to set up for a sweep or to get an armdrag in order to get the back for a choke.
When your are sitting in front of a standing opponent their most common reaction is for them to grab your ankles in order to try and pass. In no-gi a person grabbing your ankles is not a problem cause you can just pull their hands away and move your feet toward their thumb so they cant get a grip on your ankles.
With the gi on though, your opponent will grab your pants near your ankles making it very difficult your you to get your legs free.
Now, my question is, (from a sitting guard) how can you break your opponents grips (he is grabbing both your legs) from your pants near your ankles without having to roll onto your back? Is it possible.

Oh, maybe this should be in the BJJ forum?

1. Grab his collar let's say with your right hand.
2.Post your left hand slightly behind and to the side of your left hip.
3.Base out on your left hand and right foot and shoot your left foot back explosively. This should free your left leg.
Hope this helps. Where on Guam do you train?

Thanks Whiskey I will try it out. It sounds doable.

I train with the Guahan Warriors BJJ Club (Martial Science Institute) mostly. I also roll with the Carlson Gracie Jr. Association guys and box/grapple at Saralu's Boxing Gym.

Why try to adapt Garcia no gi game to gi grappling? There's plenty of gi specific video series on the market that you should look at.

if he is grabbing your ankles, pick one of his hands. for instance his right hand. grab around his wrist with both of your hands, pull you knee back and kick foward, at the same time pulling his hand back. that should break the grip. or you can try pulling his hand back and sliding your leg down so that your pants leg is up on your calf, then put you foot in his bicep to set up the spider gaurd.

hope that helps.


Why NOT try to adapt his game to gi?

His strategy is very solid and its been proven to win matches. Granted there are many other variables when it comes to grappling in a Gi but I believe many of these problems can be overcome with a little brainpower and good coaching.

Go to onthemat.com or bjjtapes.com and buy some sport BJJ tapes that feature Marcelinho in gi competition.

Thanks, I didn't know Garcia's gi matches were commercially available.

"Why NOT try to adapt his game to gi? "

Exactly. It's all about positioning anyway, right? Grips do change things, but that's like saying don't use any of what you learned in a gi for no gi.

You use it, but think about how the gi changes things. You should be thinking about the game and how it works.


Bro, that stuff is all great for the GI game, work a lot of half guard stuff off that. Try this one, arm drag to half guard then u are in perfect position to sweep, take the back, or if u hold teh arm u drag, u can us the free hand on the other side of the head fora x-choke.