MA Destructioin 15 - this weekend

I won't be attending but wanted to wish Ted Govola and the rest of TV good luck.

This card is stacked and the venue is awesome. I am pissed I won't be able to attend - i will be in AZ.

I believe the rounds have been reduced to 2 x 3 minute rounds - which could make for some really action packed bouts.

Good luck to all the fighters.

Can a mod modify the thread title to state:

MA Destruction 15 - on 2/21.

I guess I am a week ahead of myself.

MASS MMA ( would like to wish all the fighters at Mass Destruction the best of luck. 

I don't mean to hijack a thread, but we would like to interview any fighters or coaches of fighters competing in this event. 

Please email if you are a coach or fighter involved in Mass Destruction 15.  The goal of the interview will be to create even more of a buzz around the event than we already have.


dl - can you edit my thread title to what i HAVe stated above.=?

also, I tell Ted and Randy to email you for a possible interview.

ttt for md in boston - its gonna be a pisser.