Mac Danzig article..

there is a great article about mac over at

Mac is a great guy and the future at 155...


tuf newb? huh

Hopefully they let him out of his KOTC contract so that he can rightfully fight in the UFC or over in Japan where he belongs. Terry let him go..!!!!

"tuf newb?"

What the hell are you talking about Kenny? John has a green name which means he fights and has been here for over five years. You've been here less than a year and have over 7000 posts. You are a fucking tool.

Mac was training at a while ago. His stand up was looking good!

Relax guys, I thought he was crazy too, but he's been posting tuf newb on a bunch of other threads that don't even have anything to do with fighting.

Mac is a cool guy that still needs a tape from me from 10 years ago...seriously! :) lol

mac is beyond KOTC, it's about time he gets a shot in the big shows


mac owes me a tape as well...perhaps we can combine our forces to scare the color back into his skin and he will then give us our tapes....

he said HE has a tape he owes Mac. Not the other way around.