Mac Danzig's shoes

terrible and funny at same time!

I wear ASICS

I'm calling Hasselhoff!!

 why are the body bags always black...?

hubris - I wear ASICS

racist, imo

i heard hitler was a vegetarian, more proof of racism on mac's part.

This racism is killing me.

This win is strong with this thread.

You can't spell MAC DANZIG without MAD NAZI.

Bluenamer please post these WW2 posters that provide absolute proof that Danzig is a Nazi.

 if you rearrange the letters in his name you get


 for effinggoof

wait, who called Danzig a Nazi?

Mulletron5000 - wait, who called Danzig a Nazi?

I think what you meant to type was, "After such irrefutable evidence, who wouldn't call Danzig a Nazi?"

 ^^ game, set, match!

If you take MAD NAZI out of MAC DANZIG, you're left with CG, which clearly stands for Chancellor of Germany.

Now just do some research...

"Adolf Hitler became Chancellor of Germany in 1933..."

 good god.... the evidence is building into a pyramid of the truth!

ttt for a Mac Danzing's codpiece thread

Strung56 - Wow I just googled some of his pictures to see if I could spot anything out of the ordinary. I came across this picture:

I noticed something, so I brought it into photoshop so I could zoom in on it.

What I found was shocking...