MacDonald: GSP not 'gone for good'

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                                MacDonald: GSP not 'gone for good' 
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                    <p>Georges St-Pierre has been a mentor and training partner of Rory MacDonald since MacDonald starting fighting professionally. St-Pierre has always held MacDonald in high regard and made many comments to the media that he might be the next big thing at welterweight. As a close friend of St-Pierre, MacDonald may have some insight into his recent decision to take time away from the sport:</p>

"I don't think he's gone for good," MacDonald said of St-Pierre on Monday's edition of The MMA Hour. "But maybe he needs some time."

MacDonald hasn't yet watched St-Pierre's controversial title defense against Johny Hendricks at UFC 167, but he, along with St-Pierre, has been deluged with questions regarding a fight between the two Tristar teammates for some time now.

The topic finally reached a fever pitch in the lead-up to UFC 167, and that alone proved to be frustrating enough for the 24-year-old. So to that end, MacDonald understands completely St-Pierre's need to take some time away from mixed martial arts.

"People have no idea the kind of pressure it is to fight, and I have no idea what kind of pressure it to hold the belt for (six years)," MacDonald said.

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