Macdonald wins !!!

via armbar rd1 tap out

new champion

Congrats to Jason! Quick and rather easy. I'm surprised of how the fight went but a great performance by MacDonald!

that was a weird armbar. Puleld the arms with his legs.

Congrats jason. Way to bring that back belt to Canada.

Congrats Jaymac. You are a bad man.


lol awesome. jmac ignores denis and bill's instructions from the corner and still pulls it out flawlessly!

LOL - sounds like you are still making up submissions in the middle of your fights jay. congrats

We knew that belt was yours Jay! Congratulations on a fantastic victory. There are endless possibilities for you!!

Awesome performance from an awesome Athlete....

It's great to see the Americans discovering what the majority of us Canadians already knew... Jason MacDonald is a world class fighter and is about to make a huge break into the International A Level LHW division.

At this point I want to thank the sponsors and individuals who have stepped up and helped in supporting this effort....

Huge thanks to Joe Ferraro, Mike McNeil, Danny Yen and the entire team at Showdown... Thank you for all the training gear and constant support. Canada is very fortunate to have such a professional organization supporting our sport and our fighters on every level.

Thank you to Steve Marino at Sprawl. Sprawl has come forward with a major commitment to Jason MacDonald as well as to Denis Kang, Bill Mahood, Ulisses Castro as well as several other friends of mine. Steve went the full distance to ensure that Jason was fully set up for this fight. Thank you very much Steve... greatly apprciated.

Most importantly, thanks to the man himself for stepping up and taking this very tough fight against a very skilled and dangerous opponent. Huge props to Jason for representing our country with total professionalism at the AFC in Florida.

TTT for Jason MacDonald, AFC LHW Champion !!!

...I think I speak for most everyone when I say...

Canada is extremely proud of Jason MacDonald !!!

...Damn fine work

Awesome brother! #1 LHW no doubt!


Congrats Jason, and good luck with the great fights that now await you!

Congrats Jason

I think the result of this fight was a foregone conclusion. I am glad that the Canadian fighters are banding together to better the exposure of other Canadian fighters. Mahood, Kang, Macdonald and Castro are probably the big 4 in Canada(with the exception of Doerksen and Maybe Cote). If they are all on the same page it is only good for the rest of Canada's fighters.

Big congrats to Jay but I knew he was going to win.

congrats!!! way to go Jay! Not much else to say other than we are proud of you back home here in Red Deer.
See you this week.

You mean RedKnife, Jay!

I watched that live feed last night and man did MacDonald man handle Rea!!

Rea gave Franklin all he could handle, so what is the UFC waiting for? After that domination last night I think alot of people outside of Canada got an eye opener!

congrats Jaymac, good luck in Quebec City!

nice to hear that it happen so fAST, GOOD WORK.