Mach Sakurai Shirt only $6.95!

The UFC.TV store has some pretty good deals. The Sakurai shirt is only $6.95. Heres a link-

Theres a bunch of shirt under 10 bucks. Check em out.

Thanks for blowin the whistle dude now there gonna be all gone b4 i get paid LOL

sorry haha

I just purchased that Sakurai t-shirt.

Thanks for the info!

I have some UFC shirts already, and they are tough. Some I've had for a couple of years and they have hardly any signs of wear.

Are they true to size? I ordered an XL Mach shirt...I'm about 200lbs. Should I have gone with the XXL?

Yeah all of mine are XL and fit good. Im 6'3 190.

Very cool....thanks, man!

I was going to buy one but shipping across the border is over 40 dollars. How the hell does that work?


ahhhh i remember that shirt. i bought that like 2 years ago. wish i would've waited

I'd get it if it didn't have the big UFC logo on the front, it's a UFC shirt as much as it is a Sakurai shirt. At least they got rid of that gay Gordon Biersh shit on their t-shirts, I don't buy MMA shirts to advertise their beer.

I like the Tito flame shirt. Theres no more left it looks like.



Hammer time

One last time. uuaa

Frank Rizzo- By chance do you work for the UFC since you keep TTT this thread?

I already ordered mine and a couple other shirts that were on sale so it's ok:)