Machida 2008 much leaner and fit ???

Just saw Machida verse Tito and wow what a difference...he looed much quicker, younger, agile, etc....

anyone else notice that ????

He was definately leaner. Looked different to me too.

 wonder if he drinks salty piss while cutting weight. doesnt seem smart. avoid salt.

thenaturalbone - He was definately leaner. Looked different to me too.

He was definitely younger too...

People act like Machida is finished. The guy has only had one guy even be competitive with him inside the UFC. I have no doubt he'll be back and look better than ever in his next fight no matter who it's against.

he looked slower in the first fight with shogun....almost like he was hurt

didn't he start to put on more muscle for the shogun fight?

 dude used to be a chubby heavy weight

the only person to give him any trouble in his entire career is Shogun freaking Rua

give the guy a break

He's still #2 LHW in the world imo