machida backs up n wins, kampman loses. wtf?

so how it is that when machida backs up and counters he's being elusive and tactician, but when Kampman does it and makes his opponent miss then counters it's considered running away. Please show me one fight where Machida destroyed someone's face like Kampman did to Diego. The double standard in MMA judging is getting out of hand. Diego landed maybe one significant punch in that fight. Kampman utterly oblviated Sanchez's face and stuffed all but one of his TD's, where he immediately got back to his feet recieving no damage. All Diego hit was air and arms, Kampman consistenly landed jabs, straights, knees and powerstrikes on Diego. I just don't understand the double standard of MMA judging.

The part where Kampmann gets his back against the fence and doesn't move away until he DOES get noticeably tagged and even buckles his knees. I'm sorry I know people get butthurt here but his footwork was nowhere near as fluid as Machidas. Phone Post

yea, because he wasn't attempting to counterstrike against Diego's looping wild punches while against the fense, then slipped and moved away when the opportune moment presented it's self. I'm sorry but throwing 10 wild punches and barely landing one while the guy against the fense lands 2 or 3 clean counterstrikes then moves away doesn't win you the round.

If you remember correctly, Machida lost for that reason in his last fight against rampage

Just because your opponent is bloodied up it doesn't mean you won the fight necessarily.

Dude I'm of the opinion that Martin won or it was a draw, but you're comparing the wrong thing here. When you're a ringside judge seeing from one angle without a compustrike, shit gets a bit hairy. Kampmann can, instead of falsely believing that he so soundly won every round, be more like Machida using better footwork and head movement all the time instead of just half of it. Phone Post