Machida Dolloway Fight Night

Wheres the build up for this card? No promos or even really articles

Wow yeah I haven't really noticed that. Most likely going to be one long commercial for UFC 182. Phone Post 3.0

Even ufc's siteeven only has a previous win for the main card guys. No interviews anything.

Is the card that bad ?

Just had to check when this was because I had forgot about it.

Cheers for the reminder. Phone Post 3.0

Barao-Gagnon is the really interesting fight.

Nothing to gain, everything to lose for Barao - the opposite for Gagnon.

Promos here, get ya free promos here!



Carlos-Cummins could be interesting. Big guys, wrestling and jiu jitsu.

Anyone seen Carlos fight? Cummins is favored but Carlos is on his home turf.

Agree about lack of build up.