Machida Ducking Shogun?

kinda sorta. also says he wants to fight Rampage the most.

Jake Hattan | Denaro Sports | November 2008

"Lyoto Machida... The Dragon That Does Not Breath Fire"

Denaro Sports Marketing recently sat down with a much motivated and title-hungry UFC Light Heavyweight, Lyoto Machida. Jake Hattan had the privilege of interviewing Machida. Although Machida's english has bettered significantly since his first appearance at UFC 67, his translator, Ed Soares translated Machida when he decided to speak Portuguese.

JH: Machida, before we start, we want to know your predictions for the upcoming UFC events. Who do you like in Couture versus Lesnar?

LM: Randy Couture. Experience beats size and strength.

JH: George St. Pierre versus BJ Penn 2?

LM: That is a fight that I must only see. I can't make a prediction.

JH: Kenny Florian versus Joe Stevenson?

LM: Sorry, I don't know too much about those fighters.

JH: Quinton Jackson versus Wanderlei Silva?

LM: Wanderlei Silva.

JH: Forrest Griffin versus Rashad Evans?

LM: Forrest Griffin.

JH: Now you were supposed to fight Thiago Silva in london at UFC 89 before he sustained his injury and afterwards there were some rumors that you were offered to fight Shogun (Mauricio Rua) in December. Could you fill us in on that?

LM: Yes, the UFC offered me to fight Shogun although it was only a verbal commitment. About two weeks after the offer, they asked me if I wanted to reschedule my fight against Thiago (Silva) and I've chosen to do that instead.

JH: How do you think a fight against Shogun would have gone?

LM: First of all, it would be difficult to fight Shogun. I consider him a friend and we've sparred briefly together when I went to visit Wanderlei Silva to train with him. Shogun has always been a quiet and shy guy and I think he's a great person. But obviously if I want a title shot, I have to fight the best in the world and he is one of the best in the world.

JH: Now, recently, there's been talks of you and Thiago Silva having some bad blood. Fill us in on that.

LM: There is absolutely no bad blood between us. It is always important for any fighter to look at the opponent as an opponent and not an enemy. If you let emotions get in the way, your performance will be effected. I remember that it started with me telling Tatame (; Brazilian MMA News website) that I will go for a finish and I do not want a three rounder. But he took it a little bit personally and said that he will knock me out. This is a business where words must be said and you must tell whoever is interviewing you, how you want your career to go. I just happened to want a knockout and so did he. Now we'll see who gets it in 2009 (January, 24).

JH: Do you think a win over Thiago will propel you into a title shot?

LM: Yes, that is my goal. If not, then I have no problem to continue fighting whoever they offer me. I just keep telling the UFC and Dana White (UFC President) that I want a title shot because if you're not optimistic about it, then your voice won't be heard. I'll win fights and then I'll fight for the title.

JH: Name the fighter you want to fight the most, other than Thiago Silva.

LM: Quinton Jackson.

JH: Which fighter gave you the hardest punch?

LM: (Laughs) I believe it was Nakamura.

JH: Anything you would like to say to our listeners?

LM: Yes, we have a limited time offer for my T-Shirt (Bony Acai; Badboy) at Please support us and thanks to everyone for the support.

I dont like friends fighting each other. Wont make for a very compelling matchup if they were buddies.

There are many other matchups for Machida and Shogun needs to re-establish himself.

Some people wanted to see Wanderlei vs Shogun which I thought was absurd.

Imagine Randy Couture vs Henderson at 205. Umm no.

Lindland vs Henderson at 185? umm no.

These are not intriguing matchups especially if the fighters verbally state that they wouldnt want to fight each other but the bosses are making them do it anyway.

In the back of your head, you are telling these guy really didnt want to fight each other and that sucks.

Rashad vs Jardine these days anyone?

LOL@comparing their relationship to Lindland Henderson. They fucking sparred for like 2 minutes, BWWAHAHAHA!!

Nakamura has tyson like punching power.

JH: Kenny Florian versus Joe Stevenson?

LM: Sorry, I don't know too much about those fighters.

LOL, ouch.

Machida is getting the big shaft from the UFC look who he has fought dangerous bad asses who do not move him towards a Title Shot.

Why isn't he getting the chance to fight the "Cream" like Forrest, Rashad, Rampage, Wand or even Chuck or Jardine?
I realize that most if not all have planned fights now but why didn't Machida get one of these "name" opponents?

Simple the UFC does not want Machida near a Title Shot.
Now Machida has Thiago Silva Super Bowl Weekend. Another bad ass without the big name, high ranking or casual fan appeal to move Machida into a Title Shot. Surprise, Surprise.

I guess Machida will have to keep winning to force Zuffa to give him a much deserved top 5 LHW opponent.

Dude is 3rd in the WORLD at LHW and is 13 - 0 and Zuffa will not give the man a top 5 opponent, why?

 "Why isn't he getting the chance to fight the "Cream" like Forrest, Rashad, Rampage, Wand or even Chuck or Jardine?"

They gave him Tito, a massive fight that apparently they were pretty sure he would win. Not really what you'd expect if they were trying to bury him.

Man i still cant believe its Rashad/Forrest and Rampage/Wand.

Rampage/Forrest 2 and Wand/Rashad would be 10 time s more interesting

 ^ I don't know about that, I can't wait for Rampage / Wand III. Wand / Rashad doesn't nearly have the draw or pizzazz as that fight, imo.

The Rashad / Forrest fight.. eh... not so much. It'll probably be a good fight but it's not a 'compelling' match up (whatever that means).