Machida gets rematch, but not Cain?

Is it just me or is something weird about this? Lyoto got put to sleep against Bones and only 1 win over Ryan Bader gets you a rematch? Cain is in the exact same situation after beating Bigfoot but at least he was the champ when he lost to JDS. Don't get me wrong, I love the Machida rematch, I feel that he won the first round against Bones. And I also understand that if JDS beats Cain again it will create the Franklin/Silva situation. But something just seems screwy about Lorenza trying to bring Ubereem back to fight JDS before his suspension is up.

Probably had something to do with it not being competitive.

Also to do with a few legit contenders at hw. At LHW hendo and machida are the only immediate hopes. Phone Post

They want the brazilian to remain champ cain us to risky ,so they just want jds to.fight a 1 dimensional.fighter Phone Post

I just don't see Cain beating JDS.