Machida has a message for Shogun.


i see what you did there


 That's a lot of piss to be drankin

 And can I have an XL cup of piss with that combo?


seriously thats got to be hard as hell to drink every damn day 

 Even his dad drinks it.

That even looks like dirty stinky piss.


Machidas dad looks excited to drink that cup of piss...

 Those crazy fuckers need to drink more water.

does his dad have the entire family piss in his cup???

probably just morning piss. they might take b vitamins or something too.

Do they drink it warm or refrigerate it? Maybe freeze it up and blend it into a slushie for a treat now and then?

 ^^ ewwww

" the best paaaaaaart of waaaaking up... is urine in your cuuuuuuuuup!"



god damn that's a big glass of piss his dad's about to throw back.