Machida is POUND 4 POUND the most dominant fighter

Yeah, I said it. Except for Fedor?


Please discuss.

 Nope.  Miguel Torres.

agree, Machida all the way, has he ever lost a round ever?

greatest p4p LHW

why can't people admit this, statistically he has been for awhile.

hard to argue that a guy who has never been hurt, never lost a round isn't the best p4p dominant. Only question is has he gone up against the best consistently? He's starting to .. if he were to beat Rampage, Shogun in similar fashion he probably is best p4p

AshnPhenix - agree, Machida all the way, has he ever lost a round ever?

Yes, he has.

He arguably lost the BJ fight - as it was a very close and even controversial decision. (And although that fight wasn't officially scored by rounds, if it were, Lyoto probably should have lost at least the first round.)

He also lost the Greco fight according to one judge - and if rounds would have been scored, he almost certainly would have lost the third round (which is probably why that one judge gave it to Greco, who finished on top).

(But imo, that fight was a lot closer than it needed to be, because Lyoto was outgrappling and positionally dominating Greco - but then would give up mount to go for these loose armbars, which ended up sacrificing position and with Greco on top.

Iirc, Greco also technically knocked Lyoto down in the first round, where it wasn't really a full knockdown at all, and Lyoto wasn't really hurt, but just very briefly wobbled and needed to put a hand down. But still, that might have been enough to give Greco that round as well, although Lyoto had gotten a takedown and dominant position on Greco before the stand-up.)

One judge also officially gave a round to Tiger White in their fight - probably the first round, since that was where Tiger had his one moment where he did knock Lyoto down off catching a kick from Lyoto early on.

So Lyoto has lost at least 2 or 3 rounds (and at most, 4 or 5 if you're really stretching) in his career - which is still bogglingly unreal and unmatched by anyone, except for Fedor.

Fedor by comparison has one controversial decision on his record over Arona - where intuitively, I felt he lost that fight - but according to the counter-intuitive and eccentric RINGS rules (which discount TD's and positional dominance), he arguably and maybe even reasonably "won." But that is really the only way he did "win" over Arona, strictly by those rules.

But that is also the only even possibly controversial decision Fedor has ever won.

Then of course, later that same night after the Arona fight, Fedor had the controversial cut-stoppage "loss" to TK, which came off an inadvertent and illegal elbow - which would have (and should have) caused the fight to be declared a no-contest - except a winner had to be declared in order to advance someone to the next round of the tournament.

But since that one night against Arona and TK, Fedor has not lost a fight - or a single full round - in 8.5 years straight, and 26 straight fights.

And not just hasn't lost - but decisively won every single fight in all that time (aside from the official non-fight against Nog that was declared a no-contest). So the Arona decision and TK "loss" were the last times that Fedor didn't decisively win a fight or didn't win every single round of a fight.

nobones - You're crazy. BJ landed like 4 solid punches the whole fight.

And how many solid punches did Lyoto land?

I would have given the decision to Lyoto, too - but barely. I don't think even most people who thought the decision for Lyoto was right would then go to the extreme of saying that it was "in no way a win for BJ."

You're really exaggerating how decisive or even unquestionable a win that was for Lyoto.

Even though I and many others agreed with the decision, it is still also true that many others did not - and it certainly wasn't a definitive win at all, without any controversy to it. Because regardless of our own personal opinions, it is a fact that there definitely was at least controversy about who really won.

(And btw, if there had been a 10-kilo. rule in K-1, as there was in Pride and RINGS - which automatically favored the lighter fighter - I would have definitely given the decision to BJ.)