machida-shogun strikes landed

 as pointed out by joe rogan on another thread...this is rediculous. shogun was robbed and now its even more obvious

Shogun landed 82 strikes out of 149.

Lyoto landed 42 strikes out of 116.

Shogun had 55% accuracy

Lyoto had 36% accuracy

Shogun landed 17 shots to the head (12 power shots).

Lyoto landed 14 shots to the head (8 power shots).

Lyoto landed 24 shots to the body

Shogun landed 16 shots to the body

Shogun landed 49 leg kicks.

Lyoto landed 4 leg kicks.

Shogun landed 48 strikes from distance.

Lyoto landed 26 strikes from distance.

Shogun landed 34 strikes from the clinch.

Lyoto landed 16 strikes from the clinch.

 oops dannyocean already posted it...i did a search and didnt see it since the site is spammed full or shogun and machida threads

but but but cecil peoples said machida won easily!


 time to start cracking the whip on the CSAC

shit... not this again.

Cecil Peoples thinks a fighter backing away while being stalked is showing Octagon control....does anybody really care what a biased Karate master himself thinks? He scored this as a point Karate fight. MMA judges are merely positions filled based on political affiliations, not merit!

holy fuck.

just now logging on are we?

for the millionth time...fightmetric is incorrect.

go back and watch the fight with rewind and slo-mo, and score the motherfucker with your own will see very quickly those numbers are ridiculously off.

regardless of who you think won, those stats are flat out wrong. math is not swayed by judges, opinion, or commentary...and fightmetrics math is waaay off.

Shanks V3.1 - math is not swayed by judges, opinion, or commentary...

and you obviously didn't watch the same fight I did because I had it easily 3-2 Shogun, and very possibly 4-1 depending on how you score Round 2 (which i didn't pay attention to all of)

 Fight Matrix has Shogun winning?? NO SHIT?? Whoa! That changes everything!


NarlyPersianDude - Throwing a stat like this is the most stupid thing. Shogun throws 4 low kicks at Machida, they hit him in the lower leg and they count that as strikes. Machida throws a hard knee in Shoguns midsection thats 1 strike, but that 1 strike means more than those 4 kicks. Also, when they where against the cage, those pitter patter kicks Shogun was doing against Machida's thigh also counts as strikes. FightMetric and how they add up strikes are terrible. Did you guys even bother analyzing how they add hits. Prolly not. Sheesh.
Agreed. Machida won fair and square! STOP CRYING ABOUT IT, PEOPLE! :)


Even though I though Shogun was robbed, it's more instructive to see the strike stats per round.