Machida to make "Silva Money"?

We heard the stories ov how Uncle Dana and UFC brass tracked down and looked for every 205'er to fill Davis' spot. Now, the co-main event is missing a 205'er, and who's left?

What's a good cliche? "Desperate times call for desperate measure"? How's about, "Ask and you shall receive!"?

Uncle Dana needs a 205'er, Machida wants "Silva Money", and I think he's gonna get it....

no, he's not gonna get silva money... Dana wouldnt give him silva money to save the fucking Main Event but somehow he's gonna do it for the co-main? especially when zuffa could easily just cancel the fight and move akiyama and Vitor to the co main slot.

Let's get real.

The advantage with Franklin is that he's essentially a MW fighter so it wouldnt be out of the realm to have a MW fight him at 205 as it would still be a relevant fight.

Leben is the worst case scenario as a replacement so Zuffa isnt worried about it.