Machida vs. Heath

I think this fight might be the sleeper match of the night. Although there
is other fights on the UFC 70 card that on paper can also be the sleeper
match. Lyoto is one of my favorite fighter but this fight is going to be
tough. Who thinks Lyoto can pull off a win?

My Pick - Lyoto by Decision

Lyoto should be the favorite.

Lyoto is a pretty big favorite. Heath is a good bet as an underdog IMO. I could see him pulling off the decision.


There is a possibility here that Heath can pull a decision just by being busier. Machida has a fairly repetitive standup game and I'm sure Heath has done plenty of gameplanning to avoid counters and may have a few tricks up his sleeve.

It's hard to tell how good an unbeaten fighter really is, and both these guys are unbeaten.

Heath all the way!!!!!!!!!


Heath will shock everyone! He is a smart fighter who can adjust during the fight better than most of Machida's past opponents. He also hits harder than anyone Machida has faced. Heath by unanimous decision. Machida will be frustrated for 15 straight minutes when Heath won't play Machida's game and stand in front of him and get counter punched all night long.

Hopefully Lyoto won't go back to the boring style he had going for awhile.

Machida by quick insertion

Heath will win, and instead of giving him any credit, the UG will instead contend that Machida sucked all along and was vastly overrated.

"He also hits harder than anyone Machida has faced. Heath by unanimous decision."

  • I actually agree with the prediction, but WTF @ how absurdly incorrect your first sentence is.

Unless Heath has somehow learned how to strike on the level of a world-class K-1 or kyokushin fighter, he is not even remotely close to hitting as hard as Sam Greco (or even Michael McDonald).

This is the first good test for Heath, and I actually think he will win. But Lyoto has faced by far the tougher competition so far, without question. Lyoto will be a step up for Heath and a good touchstone.