Machida =

next long reigning LHWT UFC Champion!!!

I disagree. I think he's awesome, but too small to be dominant in the LHW div. He's an obvious MW. And, he'll have some tough comp there. Anderson, Hendo, a rematch with Franklin!

Yeah, more like Machida will get Lindland'd by the UFC if he keeps this up. Three fights, all boo'ed, not Eng friendly, not a finisher= not likely to get a title shot.

Well, regardless

Forrest did the right think ducking Lyoto to fight Shogun



He gassed bad in a 3-rounder against a guy he completely outclassed. He hasn't shown any finishing ability whatsoever since the Franklin fight years ago (at 220 pounds).

I can't see any way for him to beat the top 205ers in a 5-round fight.

"rematch with Franklin!"

you're kidding me right?

Boring? Yes, but he'd beat Houstan, Jardine, Chuck, FOrrest, SHogun, etc, etc, etc. His worst matchups would be wrestlers like Rashad, Tito and Babalu to be honest!

Machida=standing arona

When he beats a decent wrestler then I might consider this thread more legit. Especially considering he seems a bit small for 205. I honestly see somebody like Tito manhandling him.