Madden games and players?

I'm no Dana lover but i'm trying to see where he was coming from. Are NFL players compensated in any ways from the Madden games? What kind (if any) of agreement was there between the players' union and the league over the usage of their names?

Sorry if this question was asked before.

oh, the point of this thread is that Dana should've used the same type of approach the other sports leagues used on their athletes.

EA Sports pays $25 - $30 million per year for the rights for Madden to the players union.

VectorWegaLives -  Also, those sports do not require a lifetime contract (and certainly not an exclusive lifetime contract)

good point

Damn TS got destroyed on his own thread

" Also, those sports do not require a lifetime contract (and certainly not an exclusive lifetime contract)"

Nope. EA is paying that money every year to the NFLPA.

I have no clue how the money is dished out after the fact. I know at some point everyone gets an equal share, but does anyone have the ability to get an exact number?

Mr Pulla - Damn TS got destroyed on his own thread

you don't read so well do you?

Jury determines pro-footballer organization wasn't acting in members' best interests when licensing game liknesses, awards plaintiffs $28.1 million.

A jury yesterday sided with a group of retired NFL players in a multimillion dollar class-action suit against their own union, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

As reported in September, the former players alleged that the NFL Players Association gave Electronic Arts preferential treatment in negotiations for the licensing rights of retired players. The $200,000-per-year cost of licensing for Hall of Fame players was said to be "millions below market prices," and a key factor in Take-Two Interactive's decision to abandon its competing (and not licensed by the NFL) All-Pro Football franchise.

A group of more than 2,000 retired players will now get to see some of those millions, as the jury awarded the class a $28.1 million judgment after determining the union had violated revenue-sharing agreements with them in licensing video games and other memorabilia. About $7.1 million of the award was issued for compensation, with the remaining $21 million coming in the form of punitive damages for failing to protect the rights of its own members.

According to the paper, a lawyer with the union asked for minimal damages because the full judgment would impact the NFLPA's ability to properly represent players.

Hojak - The Players pay dues to the union as well.

The answer is no.

fair enough.

but Fitch and the others would still have a job. i guess it is time for a fighters union.