made top ten

You are indeed a better fighter than you are a poker player

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and Gavin, I could be a fighter and would still be at it than I am poker so that is not saying much

You're still #31 in my heart.

That's still pretty good!


He's good, and anyone with a Syzlak quote for a screename wins.

Nick, are you saying because I beat Thiago once and had him beat the second time that I am also better than Thiago therefore since we train together you can gauge that you should beat Thiago, or are you saying you train with me and you are better than me therefore you can beat Thiago, if the latter is the case, then you refer to your first post.

P.S. Sorry if my analysis is difficult to understand.


it made sense to me. and i think he was calling you a puss. you should really do something about that. i mean seriously all this is going to nicks head. he literally forced me to let him sign my most fleshy parts, at the last throwdown.

MC, that is still pretty good. I'll take that spot

Noble, I think we both know that i do not think very much of your skills. Now that I am top ten, I can finally live my dream of forgetting all the little people who helped me get there.

Demian, if I had to force you so much, then why have you still not washed it? Tell me that my friend.

Damn, perhaps it really is magical, and the Belt's time amongst your nether regions has paid off!

Well thank you Mr. Noble for the headache.

Nick, I am happy for you, forget all the people you need to.

Strandman, I will be at the gym tomorrow, if u want to submit me like Nick does.

"Strandman, I will be at the gym tomorrow, if u want to submit me like Nick does."

I am pretty much going to assume this was some kind of cruel joke.....

I did. ^^

What happened with your arm falling apart against Okami anyway? I didn't see what happened the moments before agony struck, and always wondered.

Don't believe the propaganda. If you goto that website and sort by last name. It clearly shows Thompson is rank #1965!


Maggies, I saw it. Thompson sucked.

MC5, it turned out to just be a bad pnched nerve. I had never had one and thought I had broken my shoulder or elbow. Nothing happened in particular to cause it. Probably just got in a wierd position and pinched it. Feel like a candy ass about that now, but at the time, it freaked me out. It felt like fire was running through my veins and tingled.

Is that like the burning sensation when you pee?


CT, refer to the first post.

Gavin, I told you, that burning when I pee is because I loved myself a unclean woman....and by unclean woman I mean a lady boy in thailand.