Madison Wrestling Club Competes...

Madison Wrestling Club member Kelly, wins 3 matches in the Men's beginner 195 lbs division @ "Submission Sport" in Memphis, TN. Points, Toe Hold, Armbar. Congrats to Kelly, way to represent!!

Awesome, congrats!!!

Way to represent (TOEHOLD!!)! Congrats!

shoothook, thanks for the post and all of your support. i couldn't have done it without you.

i was also most pleased with the toehold. as i rolled into it the guy was screaming "NO HEEL HOOKS" and tapped when his ankle started popping. he didn't even know what a toehold was. after the match the ref had to get down on the mat to show him the difference between a toehold and a heelhook.

there are big things happening down in that dungeon we call MWC. we are not very big (there are only a handful of us) but between the conditioning and CACC techniques, training and seeking out new entries into positions and submissions i see MWC going far in the world of sport combat.

thanks for letting me come along for the ride.