Mahalo Golden Boy (UGer, not Dela Hoya)

 Want to send a big mahalo out to the UGs own Golden Boy for coming on our radio show today. 

Some of you on here may know that GB was real close to Evan Tanner, going way back to the start of his career in Amarillo, Texas.  GB gave some great insight into the heart and soul of Evan...he really did a nice job of letting our fans know what kind of man he was outside of the sport.  I think few really knew Evan, but GB did a fantastic and honorable job of sharing what Evan was all about.

Our show is broadcast on The Sporting New Network in Honolulu, and we typically post recorded streams on the Hawaii Ground alone, as most shows are Hawaii-centric.  But if the UG wants, we will post this show on this forum.

Mahalo Golden Boy.

Patrick, please post the show or give a link so we can listen to it! Thanks.

will do. my co-host Mark Kurano (aka FCTV808 on the UG), is uploading to as we speak. he's going to put on this thread shortly.

TTT for goldenboy

ttt for teh Freitas and FCTV808 on putting this up.

here you go.

 You either love GB or you hate him, but he's the best thing going...WHOO!

Nobody beats his scoops.



GB's interview comes after the first break. we spend the opening of the show welcoming the prior show's listeners, who are mostly NOT mma fans...hence the MMA 101 open.


Patrick, what Island do you live on? I'm just curious, my buddy has a friend Patrick from Kona that is in the fight game.

Sorry not Kona but the big Island, not sure what part.

Sorry, wrong guy I just listened and you don't have a French accent.

 i'm in the Makiki neighborhood of Honolulu.  on the island of Oahu.  it sorta the first neighborhood as you head North/Northwest out of Waikiki.  its pretty much dead-center of this picture.

just read your follow up. nope, i aint french. Freitas is portuguese.

 TTT (once again) for a live online stream for us mainland fans Patrick!!!

Great interview though.

FearMir -  TTT (once again) for a live online stream for us mainland fans Patrick!!!

oh man. trying to get it done. The Sporting News Network took over 1500AM at the start of 2008. i think it was lite rock or something before becoming all sports talk. they told us streaming technology was going to be installed earlier in the year. we're still waiting. they want to compete with ESPN, so they gotta get on it. right now FCTV has to record the show onto DVD at the studio, re-digitize it at home, then upload it to IMEEM. sucks.

 That was a great listen, guys. I think Mark nailed it when he said you don't realize the respect you have for the nemesis until they're gone. I haven't sought out the writings of Evan Tanner yet but I'm sure I will at some point because of the way those I have respect for have described who he was as a man, not a fighter. I have never known someone who lived their life the way he did and that makes him extremely unique and rare in my book, not just "different."

Also, GB (Jason) is much more well spoken than some give him credit for. I'm sorry for your loss, sweetie:(

Great show, guys.


We get that great show every Monday.

If you come to the Hawaii Ground, the show is uploaded by Tuesday latest.

TTT for Teh Freitas & FCTV808