Maia Submitted Napao Gonzaga/wtf!

Man, I just watched Demian Maia's highlight on Youtube, and he submitted Gabriel Napao Gonzaga with a RNC in the nogi div of some tournament (dont know which one). Theres a lot of size difference there. Now, Ryan Stout on another thread says he is going to tap out Maia instread of try and KO him. 1-could someone post the video of the Maia/Gonzaga, 2-what about Stouts prediction of a sub win?

Man, I also watched his MMA highlight reel, and he mounted Gustavo Ximu Machado, punched him until tapped. This guys looks tough. 6-0 MMA record. Somebody post the links to youtube!!!!

maia is a badass in BJJ and MMA i dont see where he gets the bad or boring rep from. im always impressed with his performances.

he has beaten napao 3 times....2 subs one by points

demians highlight is on youtube.

Somebody post the links, please.



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Maia came from the same school of BJJ as Marcelo Garcia. He is a black belt under Fabio Gurgel from Alliance.

yes he is...he is now a member of the brasa team and has been since the team was formed after the alliance split.

Man, imagine the depth of guys had Alliance stayed together. Garcia, Comprido, Leozinho, Maia, Drysdale, maybe Jacare? Ridiculous!


Maia vs Jacare

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hunter Demian beat jacare at the 2006 bjj world the final.

thanks beat me to it! did you get my email?

Mark, how well do you know him? His style seems pretty similar to Marcelos.

Demian is a very good friend of mine. he has been staying with me while training for the gfc fight, also will be here through the 24th

up 4 later

Demian came to Pablo P. gym with Drysdale to train before ADCC and he looked great. He impressed everyone and a great guy. Everyone that rolled with him said he was so smooth but hard as a rock and stronger than appears. everything was effortless ans smooth.