Major MMA & Grappling Weekend

Reality Combat is proud to announce that we will be hosting the first event of the new nationwide " Submission Fighter Tournament Circuit Of Champions " in conjunction with our February 19th event to be held at The Imperial Palace Resort and Casino in Biloxi MS. This will be a 2 day grappling event and on Saturday night There will be a full 12 bout MMA event by Reality Combat. This event will have some major sponsors from the world of grappling and MMA. More info to come in the coming weeks!!!! 

thats cool. i've been missing the grappling tourneys around here. the nhb has really taken off and thats great, but it definitely wouldn't hurt to have some grappling tourneys. it will perhaps help to focus some guys on their ground games. i'll definitely want to compete in this. i haven't had the time with grad school to train for nhb, but i don't really mind getting it handed to me in a grappling match.


We are very happy to be able to host the first event in this series of tournament's. There will be a lot more info to be released this week. From what I have heard there is going to be 5 or 6 events throughout the country. With the championship's to take place around September. We at Reality Combat are hoping to host 1 or 2 more of these events at our other show's such as Memphis TN and Lake Charles LA (2hrs from Houston). Like I said there will be a lot more info coming out this week.



yeah jim. i can do grappling tourneys. Maybe i will invite mom and dad to come watch. Then maybe they wont be idiots and can understand it is a sport not just trashy fighting.

Adam your right this will give you an opportunity to let them see a little more about the sport!

I will do well in this tourney as long as the following people are not entering: Rotharmael, Clementi, Andrew Chappelle

If I missed anyone, dont get too upset. Youll have your shot at tapping me soon enough.

KBeezy, it will be alot bigger than just a local tournament. We really cant let out all of the details but it will be the largest weekend for MMA MS,LA or AL has ever seen. I cant wait till the sponsor of the event does the press release.

Why is it the only time you call me KBeezy is when you are addressing me on this board?

I know you spoke a bit about it last week, and I know it is going to be exciting. Get to meet alot of MMA people I probably havent met in person that weekend too.

Kyle look at it this way at least i can't tap you out. Without sitting on you!!!  lol

Hey BigJim, let me know when you get more info on the tournament. I might want to compete (submissions). Thanks.

Dave Glasco

James i am thinking this would be a good way to tell my parents that i fight and i am not that bad at it. So they wont just say stupid things like i a puss and that i could never be a "cage fighter".

Announcing “The Submission Fighter Tournament Circuit of Champions”, featuring “The Sprawl Takedown Challenge”.

2005 Schedule includes tournaments in:
Biloxi, MS – February 19, 2005 (In conjunction with Reality Combat)

Tunica, MS – TBA (In conjunction with Reality Combat)

Lake Charles, LA – TBA (In conjunction with Reality Combat)

Virginia – TBA

Nashville, TN – Grand Championships

In addition to regular Gi and No-Gi divisions, we will be including the 1st ever “Takedown Division” including “The Sprawl Takedown Challenge”. (For all of the wrestlers out there!) In the next few weeks, information and rules on this new Grappling Division will be up at

Three of our tournaments will be in conjunction with one of our Premium Sponsors, Reality Combat. Our first tournament will be on February 19, 2005 at the Imperial Palace Hotel & Casino in Biloxi, MS. Grappling will take place during the day, Reality Combat MMA fights will take place that night. If you have ever wanted a full day of fun and excitement, this is it!

Another Premium Sponsor is Sprawl, the “official shorts” of “The Submission Fighter Tournament Circuit of Champions” and sponsor of “The Sprawl Takedown Challenge.”

GrapplerGear, Gameness and Steinerwear are also sponsors of these events, providing awards, door prizes, and Special Trophies. We are still looking for a few more sponsors who want to “jump on-board” before we get started. Anyone interested, please contact Jason Culbreth at 919-412-6509.

This sounds awesome. Kyle, I am very upset. You will be sorry you didn't mention me;)

This new tournament series is going to be a lot of fun. The "Takedown Division" is going to be fast paced and full of excitement.

Jason Culbreth and Frank Mullis run the smoothest tournaments we've ever been to. No matter how many show up, they move the tournament along and there is never any down time on the mats!