Makes me miss Pride all over again

No one could be whining about the kick, it would be legal, and should be legal. It's Japan, head kicks are one of the things that made Japan MMA so different, and fun. I like Miller, I like Jacare, I like almost anyone who fights, it was a totally malicious kick, but so should be every kick, and just because it is malicous doesn't mean it was intentional, its the heat of the battle people.

Cre, man you are a princess.

 The entire event made me miss PRIDE...

freakshows are fun, they were the appetizers, they didn't even do the beginning till after the Super Hulk tourney. The ending would have been clear if it were under pride rules, that was the point of this Wega, it really was, and which one was the obvious work, Kid getting beat by the former steroid using U.S. wrestler noone really knew of?