i just recently got beat in a tournament by a Makikomi, was wondeing what do the Judo guys here think of Makikomi as a throw?

fat man's throw.

lol. It gets a reputation as such, but like any other throw there is a time and place for it. They can be very powerful.

YEA.. generally, fat man's throw. women too though. not always true, but often enough to nickname it so.

when you fight that same guy next time, remember what arm he came across with and do everything in your power to control his sleeve (near the wrist) so he cant bring it across again. even if you have to put both of your hands on this sleeve in order to get intial control, do it.

makikomi cannot possibly work if the guy cant bring his arm across.

You guys are talking about Soto or Harai makikomi, no? I find standing seio makikomi a technically very difficult move, and one of the most beatiful in judo.

JW... when people discuss makikomi as a throw within itself they mean soto-makikomi in specific-- aka the fat mans throw. it is rare that people will refer to any other throw as makikomi.

in the manner you mention makikomi it is used as a way of saying "he finsihed the throw by landing on the guy." hence, in things like nage-komi drills you might hear a coach saying "dont finish with makikomi! learn control!"

if people asked you what your favorite throw is and you answered seio-makikomi or uchimata-makikomi youd get looked at rather oddly...

goldmedal.. you are absolutley right.. Leo's the ultiate example of how makikomi should be done.. though, without question he did hurt a lot of people with that throw over the years as well. not that is was his fault, just the nature of the beast.

Don't let the "fat man" label fool you, it still requires good technique to do well.

Ben R.

JR.. thanks for the heads-up.

I use it all the time in Sanda.

where's little johnny.

It's one of my favorites throws and I am not fat by any mean. I am 155lbs soaking wet! I love that throw though. ;-) Works like a charm even with bigger guys.
" When done well, no one can defend" ;)


Speaking of Leo....I talked to him Monday.....

GoldMedal, where are you practicing now or are you concentrating on BJJ?

what is seio makikomi? i tried doing a google search and couldn't find it.

seio makikomi is just a seionage where you follow your uke onto the ground.

every single throw in judo can be done as a makikomi-- fact, they usually are in randori and tournaments.