making my Muay Thai debut

I am making my debut in two weeks.I am in decent shape and my technique is pretty sharp.Does anyone have any advice for a first timer?

Try to sleep all day. I'm SERIOUS! You will be SO AMPED UP for your fight that you are going to have trouble sitting still. By the time you step into the ring, all of your adrenalin will have worn off and you will be butt-tired.

So, have someone drive you to the event. Have a friend or two with you to do shit for you. If you can avoid walking around and doing anything, avoid it. Aside from showing up to the medical evaluation/weigh-ins and being at the fighters meeting, you should be laying down and trying to sleep until its time to start getting dressed and ready, and warmed up.

How is muay thai going to be any different than competing in mma.I've had over 70 ma fights so I don't know if the nerves will be as bad as it would if this was my first time being in the ring for any type of fight?

I will try to get as much sleep as possible though and I have someone else driving me as usual

When I switched from MMA to San Shou the big difference I notice was that it involved alot more constant movement. The whole situation seemed to take more conditioning to me. I didn't have the advantage of laying in the guard and hold on for a breather. I doubt your nerves will be that bad with how lengthy your competition background is.

Sweet I plan on doing some San SHou myself by the end of the year

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