Mal Foki to fight on K1 Dec 18th

Hey guys,

For those who are interested, Mal will be fighting on Rays K1 show next Sat 18th.

Sam Nest has pulled out because Sehaku (his opponant) was supposed to weigh in at 93kg and is currently 105kgs. Sam will not fight above his weight, as would anyone in his position.

Ray then offered the fight to Mal and we accepted.
Hideki Tadao is the guys name (Sehaku) and hes a pancrase fighter with 2 wins and 3 losses.

With Matt Te Paa and Ian Schaffa also on the cards, im sure there will be a tonne of local support.


-Team Tiger Twins

awesome Dave!

i will just be back from overseas to corner Matt and catch the show.

best of luck to all!


Great news, good luck Mal.

Good luck Mal. Should be an excellent show.

Definitely best of luck to Mal. It was a bugger that we had to pull Sam out of this fight, but the weight issue - which just seems to have been a miscommunication between here and Japan - was definitely the reason, and we think a pretty legitimate one!

Sehaku is currently ranked #5 Heavyweight and #2 Super-Heavyweight in Pancrase, so he will be a tough fight for anyone. Go Mal!!

Thanks for your support guys. Im sure a few of you will be there on Sat night to support the 3 mma boys!

I have to apologise to Ray.M, as the weight issues etc...was not common knowledge and inacurate apparently so I shouldn't have posted it.

Other than that, Mal is hyped for this event and cannot wait for Sat. The first fight is at 4 pm and the ticket prices are very affordable with seating starting from $38!



Full card can be found here:

Mat Te Paa has his work cut out for him - I'm pretty sure that Bittencourt is a black belt under Ricardo De La Riva...

"favorite Bondi drinkin hole " wtf? mate, The Acquarium shits all over anything in bondi!

Are the MMA fights part of the main event that starts at 8pm?

Good luck tomorrow night, Mal. Sorry I cant be there to watch but it should be a great fight and an exciting night of action.